Gannagad Entertainments is an Independent Film, Advertising, Visual Effects and Event Organization company established in the year 2012.
Mr. Harsha Setty GR, founder of Gannagad Entertainments is a young film director hoping to capitalize on the growing film industry. Based in Bangalore, KA, India the company aims in creating high quality standards and to deliver the support in the field of Adds, Films, VFX (visual effects), animation& Event organization that roots strongly in the global appeal.

Gannagad entertainments first project was for Siddha Productions which produced a 23 minutes live action / VFX short film "Verge Of Happiness" (2012) directed by Mr. Harsha Setty GR. With around 5400 frames of VFX shots, (Gannagad Entertainments managed and completed the this short film from scratch to its excellence.

For each of its client's services, Gannagad has its own employees from the best in the industry, ensuring that the final product (film | vfx | animation | events) will sound technically the best. Gannagad aims to reach out globally with its universally appealing themes and presentation with its endearing characters,in their natural locale. Project their emotions that have mass appeal